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    Benefits Of An Accessible Website: Part 2 - The Business Case
    Not only can an accessible website make you more money, it'll also save you money.

    Web Accessibility: The Basics
    Learn all you need to know about web accessibility with this crash course!

    Building a Great Intranet Taxonomy
    While it may seem like a "quick and easy" task, defining the navigation structure and organization of your intranet site will be one of the most challenging tasks you will face in the course of your project. It is also one of the most critical success factors.

    Web Design for the Professional Magician Part I - Selecting the Perfect Domain Name
    This is the first in a series of article aimed at professional magicians. Its aim is to help professional magicians develop professional websites. This article is on selecting the perfect domain name.

    Content Management - The New Standard in Web Design
    The evolution of web development parallels the model of technology spending by companies today. The style and method has transformed along with the business spending trend. Content management has taken over as the latest fashion in design and modern web development style.

    Sales Leads - Three Things Every Website Should Do
    Would you like your website to produce more online sales and/or sales leads? This article explains how to accomplish these goals.

    4 Steps to Selling More With Your Web Site
    Most web sites are more like stage sets than real buildings; they make a good impression and they look substantial at first, but when you open a door, you end up back stage in the dark. Learn how to build web sites that work.

    The Top Ten Benefits of Having a Web Site
    Do you need a web site? Are you considering getting one but are unsure? Here we take a look at the main reasons why a web site could be beneficial to your organisation. 1) It will give you the compet...

    A Beginners Guide to Server Side Includes
    This articles explains what server side includes are and how they can save your time. It is written for beginning webmasters.

    What YOU Should Know Before Getting A Web Site!
    Everyday thousands of new businesses make the leap and take their business on line, what about yours? If you haven't already, I'll bet you have thought about it and wondered how much more business you could be doing if you just went on line…and right about then, you wonder what it would take to get your business on line?

    Duplication vs. Individualism
    How can we add Word Rich Content to our Websites without overtly duplicating others website content, and as an end product maintain our own Individualism? In theory Article Libraries are the answer ...

    Having a Portfolio on the Internet Can Help you Infiltate the Workforce
    If you're an up and coming graphic/web designer just out of university, you'll know it's quite hard to break into the workforce. You have to contact employers one by one, spend your time traveling an...

    Why Your Brick-and-Mortar Biz Needs A Website
    The internet has taken over our lives with a vengeance, and has changed the way many of us do business. More and more consumers are now doing their shopping online and, unfortunately, some business o...

    Websites for Writers - Why You Need One and How to Get Started Today
    If you've been thinking about launching your own writer's website, this article will explain the advantages and how to get started. It's easier than you think to get your work online and add credibility to your writing endeavors.

    The Web: Your Window of Opportunity
    Selling and advertising your products and services on the web is the quickest and most cost-effective way to build a solid reputation for your company, grow your business and impact your bottom line.

    Does Your Business Really Need A Website?
    When does a business really need a website? Leaving the sales hype from a particular vendor aside, Marketing Master, Catherine Franz, discusses the facts and truth of whether a website is right for your business.

    CMS - How to Choose the Right Content Editor for Your Site?
    You would be surprised to see how much you can save just by choosing the right Content management system. Note, The chipset Content Management system have the same abilities as the expensive one......learn more

    Web Journeys
    Something as simple as taking a new bus journey to work can provide you with valuable usability lessons. Sound strange? Read on for more...

    Finding The Right Log Analyzer
    A log analyzer is an essential part of many websites. It basically tells you what is happening on your website. Do you want to know where your website's visitors go and what they do? If you are an ecommerce merchant it can be quite important to know which ads and which set ups the public likes and more importantly what they react to. But, how can you find this information when you do not have a log analyzer? You can. So, take some time to purchase one!

    Print-this-page Function - a Bad Idea and Its Solution
    Many sites offer a print-this-page functionality. This feature may drive the user away, make him misunderstand the content in general be a less of an enhancement, but more of an aggravation. What are the problems and what is the solution.

    Create Your Own Download Linkls
    Send oversized files without email system bottlenecks by using a web server and a download link. Place the link in an email and your recipient downloads your file effortlessly.

    How Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Can Make You Huge Profits
    Why a "USP" will make you mega profits with your current online business!

    Why is Optimizing Your Site For Speed is Important? Tips on How to Do So!
    If there is one thing we have all suffered through is waiting for a site to download online. It seems like it is the worse thing in the world and will never end. We actually either click off of the site or after the initial download of the frontpage completes, we then click off of the site because the subpages take too long to load.

    Important! How Site Speed Can Affect Your Sales!
    As important as the design and the way a websites work, another important issue can actually have negative results on not only your customers but your business. Site speed is a very important topic and should not be overlooked when having your website designed or re-designed.

    Building an Easier Site with PHP Modules
    Having hundreds of pages to manage can be a lot of work when it comes to revisions, such as changing the site menu or a list of links. I have found an easier way to keep my editing time to a minimum with using what I call PHP Modules.

    How to Make Your Content Management System / Web Portal More Secure Durring Setup
    How secure is your Portal? Wanna make the next one you setup more secure? Cheeck out this simple step!

    Advanced Hotlink Protection
    Many of you may be using cPanel hosting software for your website, and may already have hotlink protection configured from within that. However, if you are finding that the set-up is limited, or indeed if you don't run cPanel or other software which will do it for you automatically, this article is for you. I intend to talk about how to enable hotlink protection through the use of a .htaccess file, and in particular the special tricks you can perform with it.

    Web Business Overview - Have a Plan
    So you've decided you'd like to go into business on the web, eh? This article will give an overview of options that are available for your web business and will help to give you an idea of what goals should be set for your project.

    4 Tips To Build A Content Site With More Repeat Visitors
    This article reveales 4 tips you can use to build a content site that can attract more repeat visitors fast and easily.

    Using Free Content to Keep Visitors Interested!
    If you don't want people to loose interest in your website quickly then you will have to spend some time focusing on your content. Unless you offer a service(such as web design or webhosting ect...) your audience will demand that there be new content updated every day for them or they will stop returning to your website.

    Website Development: Become Your Own Expert
    If you are starting your business on a "shoe string budget," hiring someone to take your written materials to type a basic format, add a few pictures and charge you to edit what you tell them may not be sound money management.

    The Internet Offers a Tremendous Marketplace
    Many people think that the Internet offers a tremendous marketplace, while others will question the extra effort and money to purchase and design a website. Some of the money-making values of having a website are summarized in the following paragraphs for your consideration.

    Design Can Get You to the Door, but Content is the Key
    It's time to focus on content and stop nit-picking over the details of visual design.

    How to Create a Successful Directory
    I write this article just days before I will launch my directory-hosting-site. The site will make it easier and cheaper for people that wants to make a directory site without any money and and knowledge.

    Generating a Randon Number in PHP
    This article demonstrates a PHP function that generates unique random numbers.

    Using Other Peoples Articles To Boost Your Web Site Profits
    Using other people's articles on your site is an easy way to boost your content. But there's also a profitable benefit for doing so.

    Market Your Storefront with a Website
    Many people think that the Internet offers a tremendous marketplace, while others will question the extra effort and money to purchase and design a website. Some of the money-making values of having a website are summarized in the following paragraphs for your consideration.

    Why Do You Need A Content Rich Website?
    The short answer to this is, "Because it keeps people on your site for a while, it makes them come back, and they tell their friends about your site."

    13 Ways to Destroy Your Website
    A description of the 13 items that you need to include on your website in order to survive.

    Save 10 Hours a Week by Setting Up Your Own Faux Finish Website
    Have you been losing faux finishing jobs to other contractors because you don't have a website of your sample faux finishes yet?

    Steps to Solving the Spyware Threat
    Check regularly for software updates for any anti-spyware software you install.

    Website Translation and Localization: DIY Guide
    Surprisingly many people think that creating, say, a website in a foreign language means just to translate the existing English version. It's not that simple. Conveying messages to people who speak other languages and may have cultural background other than yours is a tricky task -- but it pays.

    Setup Website: Setup Your Business for Success
    Starting a business can be a very scary thing but if you are inadequately prepared, starting an Internet Business can be even more so. Where do I begin? What should I expect? How much should this cost? I hope to answer some of the common questions asked by business owners wanting to setup a website.

    Creating a Landing Page Campaign: 7 Things to Avoid
    Do your ads create buyers? You're only as good as your campaign strategy. If you don't have a strong online landing page for your print and online ads you are missing the essential ingredient that turns visitors into customers.

    Simple & Free Website Calendar
    Learn how to add a simple calendar to any site which can then be stylized with CSS. Example using PHP available.

    Make Your Website Something Worth Coming Back to
    As I was meditating how to wrap~up this brief article, I went outside onto the patio. An eager squirrel had found and fiendishly opened both ends of a five pound bag of wild bird feed. At first, I was disappointed. No, I was pissed! It was a mess! Then, a little sparrow came down ~ landing right at my feet ~ to consider wheather or not the treat was worth the trouble.

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