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Web development articles

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    Get Your Business on the Web
    As inexpensive as it is to get up and running, every small business alive should have at least some web presence. Even if all you have is information about your company, you should get that online ASAP.

    Why to Have a Website for Your Company
    One of the cheap & efficient ways to represent your business is through a website… Let me tell you about the advantages of having a website

    Website Strategy!
    Business can not make a huge success in this world of web.

    Remember This When Building A New Site - Beginners Guide
    I recently helped my mom to launch a website (www.mom2me.com) to publish some of her recipes and it was probably the best wake up call I have had this year. It dawned on me that I actually do not know nearly as much as I thought I did. However, what I did do, was keep a record of what went wrong and believe me when I say it was quite a record!

    Lead Generation How to -- 10 Tips On Generating More Internet Sales Leads
    Many millions of dollars are being wasted on promoting and sending traffic to ineffective lead generation websites. Here are my top 10 tips to make your site generate more leads for you and your company.

    Are Web Graphics Stealing Your Money?
    They might not be wearing a mask and carrying a gun, but if you've got images on your web pages then they could be costing you a lot more money than you think every time a visitor looks at one. That's because image files are typically the biggest bandwidth user on any web page.

    How to Draw Icons or Images on a Mapserver Generated Map
    In many situations it would be useful to add images or icons to a map. A typical application is to show on a map the weather of the current day or of the next day. In this small tutorial I will show how it is possible to add generic images on a map on a gis application created with PHPMapScript of the UMN Mapserver.

    PHP & Account Activation
    How to use PHP to activate newly registered user accounts.

    Traffic for Webmasters
    "If you build it, they will come"; is an age old phenomenon for webmasters that they develop the website and visitors themselves would visit that. This may be true for only a handful of websites but the most important and crucial topic for any webmaster today is to how to get targeted traffic to his website.

    Making the Most of Your Website: Start with the Basics
    One of my most salient memories from when I sold real estate in Oregon for my Dad's company was listing a property where the owners had initially tried to sell it For-Sale-By-Owner with no success. After the listing contract was signed my Dad told them, "Next time put your phone number on your sign."

    Web Site Development Process - The Life-cycle Steps
    Like the traditional software development, the process of web site development can also be divided into different life cycle steps. This can help to format the team effectively, and the standards and procedures can be adopted to achieve maximum quality. This article explains the steps of development which can be possibly arranged as a process of web engineering. This is just a guideline to help you, to know, how a process can be done. The steps may vary from application to application. Write me your suggestions and comments on this article to Benny@macronimous.com

    UK Online Shopping with an Edge, for Buyers and Sellers Alike
    Wamee is a UK based website, for the general public and businesses who want to buy and sell almost anything.

    Database Driven Web Site - Do You Need It?
    Many of site owners still don't realize all advantages of database driven web sites and don't use all abilities they give. So when do you need a database driven web site and how it will make your web-life better?

    How to Maximize the Value of Every Visitor to Your Website
    While most marketers are beginning to understand the critical importance of maximizing conversion rates, few are tracking or working to maximize another critical measurement of website effectiveness...

    Pick Up Your Own Domain Name
    Learn how to select domain names

    Make Your Own Brand!
    Learn how to brand your business

    Successful Commercial Sites
    Learn basic rules how to create successful commercial sites

    Earn On Offshore Web Design and Development
    If you have some experience in web site design and want to make good money you can try acting as IT-outsourcing partner. Learn more what you should know and how to start.

    10 Simple Steps: Its Magic If You can E-Mail You can Update Your Web Page Dynamically
    If you can Send an E-Mail you can Dynamically update Your Web Pages. Following 10 simple Steps and the magic of Blogs you can Dynamically update your web page via E-Mail.

    Newsletter Management Using PHP w/o mySQL for Beginners
    Collecting names and email addresses for a newsletter doesn't require special software, a mySQL database, or hours of work. In this article, we'll explore how PHP can be used with standard HTML to quickly add a simple mailing list subscription to your website. We're keeping it simple, so if you're not a programmer and have only heard that PHP is something your webhost provides, this article is for you.

    5 Tips To Supercharge Your Website Sales Copy
    The art of turning website visitors into paying customers depends almost entirely on good sales copy. What is that?

    Is Your Website Doomed for Failure Before Youve Built It?
    Follow these steps and make sure that your website isn't a failure before you've started building it.

    Dreamweaver 8 Preview
    August 8 2005, Macromedia announced a release of Studio 8.

    Thinking Of Taking Money Online? Whats Best For Merchants? PayPal, WorldPay or Something Else?
    It's now easier than ever to take payments on the web. As people selling their wares take pot shots at eCommerce providers in an ever-increasing battle to sabotage their "competitors'" success it gets harder and harder to find an honest unbiased opinion.

    Is Your Website Innovative? Increase Your Business Over Night!
    While studying online for IT investment opportunities, I found that one main factor was constant. All of the biggest money makers have eye-catching, simple, innovative, and the cleanest websites online!

    Introductory PHP For Non-Programmers
    Listening to geeks talk for just a short while will convince you that geek-speak is another language. The fact of the matter is that geek-speak is a conglomeration of languages and PHP is one of them. A language? Yes, it is a comprehensive method of communicating between computers and people. Here, we'll take a look at the basics to begin using PHP scripts on your site.

    The Problem with Automated Accessibility Testing Tools
    Automated accessibility testing tools can be useful, but there are a number of disadvantages with relying on them.

    Improving Usability for Screen Reader Users
    Find out how to improve usability and accessibility for screen reader users.

    Trust Us! Sending Credible Messages
    A company must earn and keep trust or sales don't happen.

    KISS Your Website!
    Did you know if you Kiss your website, you'll not only improve traffic rankings, but your members will love you for it?

    Email Addresses in Web Pages
    Allow site visitors to contact you by email whilst protecting your email address from Spammers. Here are 3 ways to keep your email safe.

    Using Psychology Easily on Your Website to Make More Sales!
    This article concentrates on helping readers write and layout their website effectively so that visitors are more likely to place an order.

    4 Rock Solid Reasons For Building Your Own Website
    You may not think that having your own website is that important. Well you're wrong. Here are 4 rock solid reasons for having one.

    Websites: You Get What You Pay For!
    So you finally decided to invest in a web presence or upgrade your current site? There are many available choices in "web designers" to choose from. This decision is an important one! You may have a relative or friend of a friend who will do your web site at a very low cost from the comfort of their house. At the same time you receive a quote of a higher price from a professional design house. Who do you choose? The first instinct is to always assume the lower price is a better choice. This article will discuss why this isn't always true, and why "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!"

    Web Site Promotion: How To Advertise Your Website For Profits
    Making money with your web site is the dream and goal of millions of webmasters all over the internet including myself. In order to reach this goal you need a variety of web site promotions running all at the same time.

    Web Success Secret - Keep Your Visitors Interested
    Visitors to your site come looking for information or solutions to their problems. They will remain there if they find what they are looking for. Otherwise there is always that Back Button to the search engine to click another site.

    My Yahoo Search - Beyond Bookmarks
    Yahoo has long offered email, an online calendar, notes, bookmarks, and more through their free My Yahoo service. Now Yahoo has expanded this service even more by adding My Yahoo Personal Search to t...

    Launch Your Own Website Today - Its Easier Than You Think!
    If you've thought about starting a website but think you can't afford it or you just don't know where to begin, here is your chance to learn how easy it can be. You can host a site for as little as $12 per month and there are endless free and low-cost tools to get your business off and running.

    Do You Really Need A Website To Succeed
    Rosalind wants to share her inspirational poetry with a wider community. Alas, poor Rosalind lives in a remote town. Jonathan is a graphics artist who settled in a mountain resort community after he...

    Growing Your Meetings In CyberSpace
    As increasing numbers of people search for information on the Internet, it becomes more imperative to have a compelling Website to promote and support your meetings. Here is my list of "The Seven Mos...

    7 Profit Producing Reasons Why Every Successful Service Professional Needs A Web Presence
    Your business website is a critical aspect of being able to start and continue conversations with potential clients. It's the ultimate self-service window for potential and current clients who come to you interested in your services and/or products.

    How To Make Your Website More Successful? (Part I)
    Building a website and getting it online is easy. Driving visitors to it is the more difficult part. Most people are not patient enough when it comes to build up traffic. They expect thousands of visitors a week after they go live with their website. But that is not how it works.

    Content Management
    More and more businesses are recognizing the importance of content management when it comes to their websites. Website content is more important than ever before, and as the Internet matures and changes, it is likely be become even more important. Many smart companies are beginning to make their website content the centerpiece of their Internet presence.

    Selecting a Web Content Management Product
    So you want to take a look at a real Web Content Management (WCM) product. How do you go about evaluating all the different products and vendors? What should you be looking for in a WCM package? Is it better to build your own, buy or use Open Source?

    Maintaining Your Business Website
    Should I build and maintain my business Web site myself or pay someone else to do the work for me? -- Wesley L.

    The Secret Benefit Of Accessibility: Part 1 - Increased Usability
    Web accessibility has a huge number of benefits, one the main ones being increased usability. This article outlines some of the ways accessibility and usability overlap and how enhancing a website's accessibility can automatically improve its usability too.

    The Secret Benefit Of Accessibility: Part 2 - A Higher Search Engine Ranking
    One of the lesser-known benefits of web accessibility is the fact that a website more accessible to people is also more accessible to search engines. This article outlines the ways the two areas overlap.

    Why a CSS Website Layout Will Make You Money
    Many of us know about the benefits of using CSS over tables for layout. But did you know doing so could also make you money? Sounds strange but this article explains why and how.

    Planning A Usable Website: A Three-step Guide
    Learn how to involve usability from the start of the web design process.

    Benefits Of An Accessible Website: Part 1 - Increase In Reach
    An accessible website can help you reap huge benefits, including access to a much greater audience.

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