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Web development articles

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    Website Content & Usability
    Writing for the web is totally different to writing for printed matter - find out how to write content for this medium with these eight guidelines.

    WYSIWYG Versus Coding: HTML With A Purpose
    Thinking about developing a web site using WYSIWYG editing software? Read this article first!

    3 Rules of Website Designing and Layout
    Design your website before getting the domain name registered. Why park an empty domain on the web just like that? Why waste even a single day after registration?

    Business Website Building Do's and Don'ts
    When it comes to building your own website for business, there are many things to consider when you build your home page to make it look professional, fast loading and easy to navigate. There are many ways and tools to make your site look good, entertaining and fun to watch, but that doesn't mean you should use them all.

    Increase Hits to Help Increase Your Business
    Major small business owners find it difficult to upgrade or enhance their website and place useful tools and simple applications that would help visitors or guess feel more comfortable using it. Study shows that 80% of them don't want to do it because of financial issue, 20% however, didn't want to spend time to revisit and look at what's lacking on their site.

    Building eCommerce Websites that Work - Part 2
    The second of a series of articles on the basic factors that contribute to a successful eCommerce website...

    Guidelines for Web Page Optimization
    Guidelines for web page optimization

    Seven Daft Things Not To Do To Your Website
    It takes a lot of time and effort to build your website and then attract visitors to it. When those visitors do arrive you want to make sure your site doesn't do things to annoy or distract your users. Here are 7 things you probably want to avoid...

    I Did It: Six Months to a Successful Website
    For years now I've been looking to start my own business, but my highest priority has always been to spend less time working, and more time with my family, while still giving them everything they need (and most of what they want). It's a common dream, right? No boss to answer to, less stress, more vacation, more quality family time... I wanted to get away from the 9 to 5 and the traffic. (I bet you do, too.)

    Live Support from Your Website? Can You Do It for Free?
    Live support gives you more than a way for your clients to contact you.

    Increase Your Affiliate Earnings with a Smart Webmaster Plan
    Planning your website out ahead of time can increase your affiliate earnings.

    How to Create Sizzling Sales online
    "Don't Sell the Steak, Sell the Sizzle." The article shows ways on how to write a sizzling sales copy...

    12 Essential Tips to a Professional Business Website
    Article outlines 12 basic tips on website design and format for a professional looking business website. These tips although basic, are almost essential for website conversion!

    3 Ways To Increase Your Websites Conversion rate
    Everywhere you look these days, people are telling you that in order to sell through your website, you need tons of traffic.

    Why Is No-one Buying From My Website?
    Are you, like many other website owners, frustrated at the amount of time, effort and money you've put into your website, only to see few or no sales?

    Top 5 Webmaster Tools You Can Pick Up For Pennies
    You'll be shocked, when you find out that most expensive web design and web development software can be bought at a huge discount, sometimes for pennies on the dollar.

    How Does Your Website Make Me Feel?
    When people think about the Internet, they think about technology. When people hear that I am a Website strategy expert, they see me as a "techy type". But for me, the most intriguing aspect of your online business isn't about the technology...

    Better Web Site ROI: Efficient Online Business with SEO, PPC, Split Testing, and Forums
    Web design itself doesn't bring in or increase profits... at least not the graphic kind most people think of. There are loads of web designers out there who want to get paid to make you a beautiful web site, but don't know the first thing about helping you get better web site ROI. Independent web designers have to know enough business to survive, but corporate designers may never have had to learn anything about running a business or getting good web site ROI.

    7 Ways to Gain a Professional Online Reputation
    7 Ways to Gain a Professional Online Reputation gives you simple ways to manage your site in order to increase customer loyalty and increase sales. Using these few tips ensures a better business!

    What ROI You Should Expect From Your Web Site
    Why don't you think of your web site as of an investment rather than of an expense? Having a web site is very similar to having an investment property.

    Setting Up A CGI Script On Your Web Site
    Starting with a simple script, you can set up put your script into action, to begin to automate and make your web site more interactive.

    Beware the Software Siren
    Becoming a software publisher is not quite as easy as some people think. Here's how to really count the cost before you get started.

    In Business? 10 Reasons Why You Need a Website -- Now!
    You are in business or about to make the move to self employment. You may not be sure if you need a web site or not. Let me help you to clarify your thinking and make an informed decision.

    Autoresponders Make You Look Like A Pro
    Using autoresponders not only save you time, but also give you a more professional look and feel to your business.

    Warning: The Truth About Having a Web Site!
    If you don't have a web site yet, are thinking of slapping one up or have one that simply isn't producing, this Warning is for you!

    Website Value - Whats Your Business Website Worth?
    Many modern day businesses will place a value on their website, but exactly how should one value a website. Is it simply a case of adding up the cost to construct and the cost to maintain? Does that help to establish worth or just cost?

    Effectively Using Robots Meta Tags
    The robots meta tag, when used properly, informs the search engine spiders whether or not to index and follow a particular page. However, many site owners are using these tags incorrectly, which could result in pages not being indexed. A series of unnecessary tags exists on the Internet as well. Research is the key to effectively using the correct tags for your site.

    Developing State-enabled Applications With PHP
    This article is a basic primer about how to develop web applications that is interactive.

    Developing A Login System With PHP And MySQL
    This article is a basic primer on how to develop a login system using PHP and MySQL

    Let Marketing Manage Your Website Content
    The definition of the phrase "Content Management" depends on what the organization may need or a vendor may offer. There is no general purpose or standard content management system that can satisfy today's diverse business needs across the board. And so, factors for successfully implementing a content management system vary depending on individual business needs.

    Why Local Service Companies Should Have a Website
    The Internet is being used by local service business to improve sales today. Sales are improved because a website gives a company more credibility and in some cases generates leads.

    6 Steps To Your Own Website
    A lot of people these days are interested in getting their own place on the world wide web. Whether itīs a personal site like a blog, or a business site, they all need to have a decent plan before they get started...

    Do Authors Need a Website?
    Are you and author wondering whether it would be useful to set up a website? Find out the answers below ...

    Streamline your Business Website with a Content Management System
    Maintain your own website content without technical knowledge, and without having to hire a webmaster.

    Up The Sandbox!
    Ever wondered why sometimes you put up a site and you find yourself waiting many months to get it to show up in the SERPS? You may be in the dreaded "sandbox". Here's what to do!

    Direct Sales and Your Corporate Website - A Creative Marketing Plan that Works!
    Are you a consultant for a direct sales company? Feeling cramped with only a corporate website to market and earn? All you need is a creative marketing plan to succeed in driving traffic to your corporate site whether you sell Avon or Watkins!

    New Years Resolutions: Is Improving Your Website One of Them?
    While you're resolving to get fit, quit smoking and pay off some debts, we're offering up some New Year's resolutions for your business. Learn how to ethically kick your online competitors to the curb!

    Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) & Web Accessibility
    Find out about the UK legal requirements for websites under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

    Web Accessibility Myths
    Article dispels some popular myths about designing accessible websites.

    Beyond Web Usability: Web Credibility
    Find out why usability will no longer give you the edge. Make way for web credibility.

    What and How to choose the Right Keywords for Mega Traffic
    Theres a small skill in choosing keywords for success, find out what it is here.

    3 Reasons Why You Need URL Rewriting Module To Enchance Your Web
    URL rewriting are major needs for your sites that produce a dynamic pages like PHP pages with redirection pages inside your index page.

    Linking Out is Good
    Many websites I come across don't have a single link to another website. Ask the webmaster why not, and the answer you get is simple enough: "If I link to other websites people might leave my site." At this point I break the news that site visitors will leave your site. And there's nothing you can do about this.

    Ecommerce for Beginners
    This article explains how beginners can make the creation of their own ecommerce site a painless experieince.

    Improve Web Sales Figures Forever And Ever Amen!
    "How do I improve web site sales figures?" The CEO roared at the web developer. The web developer looked at his boss a little confused and mumbled something about it not being his core competence with him being a programmer and all. So next the CEO went to his marketing department and bellowed "How do I improve our web site sales conversion rates?" A few mouths opened as if to speak but nothing came out until finally exasperated the CEO tearing at his hair in frustration turned to a guy painting the wall and said, "Can you answer this question? How do I increase my web site sales figures?"

    User Interface Design: Key to Achieve Best Web Development
    Need of appropriate user interface design is the most important thing after the programming and coding is considered. The more effective the user interface, the more people will visit your web site...

    Do You Need a Web Database?
    Most people have no idea whether their web site need a database or not. The function of database can be made simple. If you need records of members or products to be stored dynamically in your web site, you need a database.

    Make Your Web Site Stand Out
    Two simple ways to make your web site stand out when bookmarked by visitors.

    Ten Quick Tests To Check Your Website For Accessibility
    Learn how to quickly check your website for accessibility with these ten tests.

    Adding Word Rich Content to Your Website
    Duplication vs. Individualism

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