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Create a Traffic Stampede with More Web Content

Article source: http://www.articlealley.com/. Used with author's permission.

If you have an Internet business, then you have a need for quality, fresh content. It has been said that the more content means a greater chance of attracting web visitors.

So basically, more content means more visitors which means more m*ney!

But what if you really hate writing or can't think of ways to get more content?

If that is the case, then here are six great places where you can easily add quality content to your website.

Google Alerts

Google has a service that sends news, press releases, and website information to your email account. Easy to set up, you enter a search phrase and Google Alerts will send you updates about that specific topic. You easily take this information and create a 100-150 word summary that can be entered into a blog or news section.

To get started, you can check-out Google Alerts:

Public Domain

There are tons of books, magazines and websites full of great content that can be easily copied to your website. Called Public Domain Works, this is content that is written by someone else which has no copyright protection. You have the legal-right to take it and use it for your own purpose. By using public domain works, you can easily create sites with thousands of pages.

Some of the better places to find Public Domain works are or .


By using other people's articles, you can easily add thousands of pages to your website. If you go to an article directory, you can find a large variety of web articles that are related to your topic. In addition, most of these articles are quite informative and provide quality content to your web visitor.

Two of the better places to find quality web articles are and

Outsource Your Content

If you have a little c*sh to spend, you can easily hire someone else to write tons of web content. What I usually do is find about 30-50 profitable keywords in my niche and hire someone to write an optimized article of 400-600 words. Usually you can find authors for around $8-$10 per article. So for a small-investment, you can get great content that is unique and optimized for search engines.

Here are few places where you can find quality (and affordable) people to write content articles: and

Private Label Resale Rights

One of the "hidden" places to get quality content is through websites that offer private label resale rights. With private label rights you get full access to ebooks and articles that are written by other people. You have full permission to change or present the content in any way that you see fit. So if you find an ebook with 101 tips on a topic, you can easily turn this material into a series of web pages. You can also take this one step further and create an autoresponder sequence that is tied into your major affiliate-program.

One of the best places I use to get private label rights is

RSS Feeds

A great way to get fresh content is to have a RSS Feed installed on your website. Basically a RSS Feed is a tool that pulls news items from a website or blog. A great trick is to place the RSS Feed on all your web pages, so search engines see that your content is being consistently updated.

What I usually do is use a feed that pulls entries from my own blog. That way, I can control the content and amount of times that it is being updated.

One of the better places to find a good RSS Feed for your website is .

Although I have given you six great places to get content, there is one thing you should know about using it. Many search engines penalize websites for having duplicate content. So if you know that this information is listed on other sites, you need to change or add to the content. What I usually do is add to or alter about 25% of the content. This will help you avoid the duplicate content filter that is used by major search engines.

By utilizing all six of these content sources, you can easily build up a site filled with thousands of pages of fresh quality content that will attract tons of web-traffic. Once this is done, you will see your income soar through the roof.

Scott J. Patterson is not that smart, yet he earns over $12,000 a month from his online businesses. To find out how YOU can build a profitable Internet business, download his fr*e ebook, The Secret-Guide to Home Businesses: http://www.duncemoney.com

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