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Content Management System: True Power and Capabilities

Article source: http://spaiz.net/. Used with author's permission.

One morning you come to work and you notice that the phone number and other contact information on your company's website are incorrect. Having incorrect information displayed on your website is hurting your business by the minute. You pick up the phone and call your webmaster. Unfortunately, you get his answering machine telling you he is going to be on vacation for the next two weeks. Welcome to the reality of eBusiness.

Fortunately it doesn't have to happen this way. All over the Web, website owners are realizing that manual systems for managing their websites could leave them vulnerable. That is exactly why a lot of businesses today are switching to content management system, otherwise known as CMS, to help them automate and organize publishing and management tasks on their websites. Here is why you should considering content management system as a solution to your website management problems:

Add/Update Content in Seconds
With content management system there is no need to wait for weeks for your webmaster to update few words on your website. Content management systems feature easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor which enables you to change content, place images, etc. without any knowledge in web development.

Share Tasks
A lot of websites are run by more then one person and multiple individuals are contributing to the content of the website. Sometimes it becomes confusing because two different administrators can publish the same content twice or skip important articles or news assuming that the others will work on them instead. With content management system it becomes really easy to share tasks and responsibilities on your website. With the help of CMS you can easily open accounts for multiple administrators and/or editors and split the tasks between them.

Customize Look & Feel
Content management systems also come with easy to customize layouts so that you can easily integrate it into your existing website or alter the look and feel of your system to your liking. With your CMS it is even possible to have multiple designs of the same website. For example, you have several sections of your website and they all require different headers or perhaps you want your navigation tree to expend with more links once you enter a specific section. All of this is possible to implement in matter of minutes with the content management system.

Reduce Maintenance Costs
By automating the building of pages on your site, you will cut substantial sums from the site's maintenance costs. You can now easily update content within your organization without paying someone else to do it.

React To Market Changes with Lightning Speed
When you have a CMS, you suddenly have a tremendous advantage in the time it takes to react to market intelligence. You can write, edit and make updates to your content including technical information, prices, etc. as soon as this information becomes available. This could be essential if you run a websites about computer virus and new outbreaks or a news site where you need to post updates to the story often.

You can also make necessary tune-ups to your website as you go. For example, you decide that you want to show link to your site index on a more prominent position. You realize that doing so will improve accessibility of your website. With your CMS you can implement the necessary changes in minutes and compare the results within twenty four hours.

Content Version Control
Version control means that you know, and can control, what content is supposed to be live today, what is ready to go live next week, and what is being prepared by your team for the week after, and keep them separate and organized. It also means that you can have one version of a news story live now, one being written to update it in an hour's time, and one incorporating the press release which should not go live until tonight.

What's The Downside?
Introducing a content management system is no small matter for a business, it is a strategic tool. In integrating your system, you will expose process and infrastructure issues that may have been papered over for some time, and be forced to resolve them. However, as the scope and scale of content delivered to customer increases, it becomes a basic requirement of being in business.

David Cooper has been developing web sites since early 1999. Currently he runs http://www.Spaiz.net - web design company and working on a new Content Management System at http://www.azureSites.com

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