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CMS - How to Choose the Right Content Editor for Your Site?

Article source: http://www.selfseo.com/. Used with author's permission.

A site content should be editable by authorized users.
That is what it is all about when thinking about editing your site from anywhere in the world via a web browser.

A CMS (content managment system) should be easy to use and many users should be able
to add / delete or edit content on the site.
This is the main purpose of CMS system (You can call it Content management, Web Editor or content editor system as well).

You would be surprised to see how much you can save just by choosing the right CMS system.

A good CMS is not the most heavy in features. It actually very similar to a mobile phone
which has many features but we mainly use saving numbers and sending SMS, all the trendy features are hardly use
So when you choose a CMS don't be tempted to choose the most fancy one.

When choosing a content management system it is important to ask how much do I pay?
Well, this is not always very clear since most of the CMS's companies are using site license based system.
It means that if you have only one site than you pay a low sum of money, but any additional site will
result in extra money. If you have more then two then it might get very expensive.....be aware.

Conclusion: You should look for a CMS that you can install many times with no extra fee or that the extra
fee if very low. Note, make sure in addition that you have no annual yearly expenses.

Now, this is important to know!!!
The chipset Content Management system have the same abilities as the expensive one.
Why is that. Most of us use an WYSIWYG API (what you see is what you get) both in mozila and explorer.
This features are built in the browser.
sooooooo, All the different cms's are using the same API.....It means that no need to pay extra since the mechanism is the same.

Now, the last point which is very important to site owners, is the restriction!!!
Although some of you have only one site, the number will grow...believe me, once you opened a site you will add more in the future.
There for you will want that different users will be able to edit different part of a site or sites.
This feature is common in most CMS's.

However, all CMS's are using a word like edit panel (the WYSIWYG feature) which gives a great
ability to edit and change the site in an easy and clean way just like you are editing a word document.
But, this gives sometime extra freedom for users that change the site to look ugly...........
The CMS system must have the ability to give a user limitation for only text editing and not graphical view.
If this ability exists in a CMS you probably are looking at a good one.

Now.......make sure you choose wisely and with care
Since changing a CMS is not always an easy task and it usually takes time to do so.
My personal view is not choosing a CMS that uses database since replacing a content management system can be a nightmare.

E.Msk Content Editor Specialist http://toko-contenteditor.pageil.net

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