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Building an Easier Site with PHP Modules

Article source: http://www.domainacre.com/. Used with author's permission.

Having hundreds of pages to manage can be a lot of work when it comes to revisions, such as changing the site menu or a list of links.

I have found an easier way to keep my editing time to a minimum with using what I call PHP Modules.

For example, we'll build a menu module, we'll cut all of our menu images & links from our pages leaving behind only the empty tables & then create a new page menu.php without any headers and paste our menu code.

Then in the empty tables we'll add the code:
< ?php
include_once "menu.php";
? >

Now the next time I need to change the menu I'll only need to edit menu.php & the other 300 pages will automatically be updated, slick right?

Note: To use this PHP code you'll need to change all of your pages from .HTML to .PHP or use a java script to parse the PHP code. You wont need to change any of your html code as web browsers will render your pages the same way as .html

I recommend changing your pages to PHP because once you start working with PHP you will find a lot free scripts that you can use to make your site more exciting & interactive than with html alone.

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