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Build Profitable Business Online

Article source: http://db9dotnet.blogspot.com/. Used with author's permission.

There are approximately 600 MILLION people online, with more people coming online in droves every day. How many of the world's estimated 6 BILLION people could be online within the next decade?

GDI's product has a high demand - that's pretty much guaranteed given the soaring popularity of the Internet and the inherent need for domain names.

Everywhere we look, we see new businesses (and old businesses alike) seeking their very first WebSite. While over the last 5 years, people have been coming online at a faster rate than ever before, there are still MANY, MANY businesses and people out there that don't have a WebSite.

They are just now beginning to realize that to stay competitive in today's marketplace, they need a WebSite. In the last week alone, I've phoned three restaurants and asked them if they had a menu I could look at online. Of those three called, only ONE of them had a menu online.

Guess which restaurant received my business? If you said "the one where you actually knew what you could order", you're right! Wow, how much business are these other two restaurants missing by not getting caught up with the times?

* How important is the Internet to your local businesses today?

* How many businesses simply don't know how to get a WebSite?

* How many don't know that they could set one up for only $10 per month?

My meal alone could have paid for this restaurant's very own WebSite, domain name, email accounts, a more professional image, and countless other customers who might have ordered if they only knew what they could order!

I'm using one example here, but there are parallels in every industry imaginable. People and businesses NEED WebSites. Within the next decade, it will be as important as having a phone.

If you want to truly make BIG MONEY in this industry, NOW is the time to get started. It blows my mind to think about how many small business owners out there are scratching their head right now, wondering how in the world they can get their own WebSite.

start now for FREE 7 days trial, please hit me here.

Loida Lacaba
The Google Archivers 2005

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